Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Freelance Business Project

As part of our fourth year business class, our professor assigned us a semester-long project that required us to become entrepreneurial thinkers and build upon our knowledge of effectual advertising. We were asked to create a merchandise line that would highlight the use of our illustrations, Our business venture was geared toward promoting our work in an entertaining and functional manner. I chose to expand upon my increasing interest in English heraldry by fashioning a line of men and women's jewelery that features the decorative families of furs, portents and vairs. These simple and attractive patterns have made their way onto military dog-tags and circular lozenges, housed within a gossamer bag with a full description of the historical emblem's design. While a few represented existing coat-of-arms or national charges, including Richard the Lionheart's and the Polish, German and Byzantine eagles, the remainder were combined tinctures.

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