Monday, May 2, 2011

Night at the Museum--Final Animation

For weeks I had given thought to the subject of my final animation for Hyein's class. My original intent was to develop and animate the narrative behind one of my earlier pieces this year, 'The Goodbye', but found that the degree of work involved exceeded my technical knowledge and skill. So, as is habitual with me, I thought that I'd move toward a more simpler idea...which ended up being just as complicated as the former :P. Inspired by the Sculpture Room scene at Pemberly from the 2005 Joe Wright film, Pride and Prejudice, I decided to create an animation of sculptures springing to life in 3D. I had little experience in working with the Adobe After Effects 3D camera. I overlooked the fact that 3D cameras manouvre flat imagery to resemble paper theatre in 3D space. Rather, I started drawing multiple sculpture views to give the illusion of a rotating axis surrounding each character. Given the end-of-semester time constraint, I wasn't able to complete the animation to the extent that I would have liked. Nevertheless, I learned a great deal. After Effects and I are no longer enemies..for the present :P

Vimeo link to animation: link

Here are a few digital sketches and paintings featured in the final video:

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