Monday, May 2, 2011

Round Dirt Cowboy

For our final Interpretive assignment, Thom asked my third year class to illustrate a cowboy. It was our second self-directed project of the year. Often these sort of tasks exert an additional degree of pressure. They indicate the direction of our personal style. Given that the majority of my work focuses on the ideal, and most of my male representations resemble cherubs...I chose to depict the cowboy as an idealized hero. A parody of Michelangelo's David became the product of these musings. It was fun to make. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly resounded on my computer speakers while I was developing early sketches.

I am not particularly satisfied with the outcome. It was also executed on major time constriction. As a result, I was unable to finish my quintessential spaghetti western landscape for the background. The integration of digital/traditional media did not go as seamless as I'd planned. With some practice, I'm sure my digital paintings will successfully imitate the tactile beauty of my beloved traditional media. I've made slight post-marking corrections since..note the manly changes :).

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