Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fan Expo 2011

Once the evenings begin to cool and our minds refocus on the start of a new semester, we acknowledge the fact that we’ve crossed the threshold into an Indian summer. Taking place annually on the last weekend of August, Toronto welcomes FanExpo Canada--a haven for lovers of the science fiction, horror, anime, comic book and gaming entertainment genres. For every year I have attended, the show has never been short of thrills or interesting finds. Only there will you witness throngs of people gather for the man who evokes equally mixed feelings of love and irritation, William Shatner; eyes bedecked with steam-punk goggles, Marvel superheroes pacing red carpets or Fearless Fred.

I had the opportunity of exhibiting alongside my talented friend and classmate, Miko for a second year in the event’s popular Artist’s Alley. Our experience as first-time exhibitors at Fan Expo 2010 ultimately prepared us for the presentation and trends we capitalized on in the following year. We also had the benefit of being surrounded by some major talent in Sheridan Illustration. I want to express my utmost thanks to those of you who visited our booth and offered your help and kind sentiments. I missed you all throughout the course of the summer and in the case of some, Fan Expo represented a pleasant reunion.

Now for a few updates before I dive into the riveting four-day Fan Expo weekend:

The Hobbit, Chapter One: An Unexpected Party

A 75 % work in progress, completed in gray-scale just in time for printing. I have since endeavoured to add colour and breaks of light between the oak leaves, despite the fact that the scene itself occurs at night.

The Hobbit, Chapter 6: Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire

Our polished booth, located at A7 in the Artist’s Alley.

Miko’s brilliant arrangement for his Tolkien-themed merchandise. I am more than pleased that his initial design for Dwarven Mead coasters became a reality.

Miko, thank you for another expo enriched by your creativity, good humour and hard work.

The view from our booth, overseeing the entire Artist's Alley.

Marvel’s Thor descends from Asgard to greet Fearless Fred and his Big Sexy Comics team of illustrators and writers:

Carnage gets camera-ready:

Nostalgia at best. The father from one of my favourite childhood television shows, Reboot.

Custom-built, imported Samurai armour from Japan.

Dobby the House Elf follows a Harry Potter fan into the photo-op for Tom Felton.

Posing for a photo-op with Fearless Fred from The Edge and Teletoon fame.

He’s grotesque, unsightly, and he’s all mine. Weta’s impeccably detailed Catapult Troll maquette from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy films. 

A pre-thesis gift that I feel compelled to share with everyone :). Peanuts is my philosophy go-to.


  1. awesome post! wish I looked better in that picture :P. Should I wait to trade with you for the Dwarves in the trees print? because I really like the greyscale actually.

  2. Man, looks like you guys had an awesome time! Good work, your stand looked wicked!

  3. Thank you Alex! Fan Expo this year was entertaining as always. Miko, I will personally finish and return the piece to its gray-scale form in a giclee print for you. As for the trade, my heart is set on your hardboard button collection. My parents will work wonders with it in a custom-built, antique frame. All your merchandise items are beautifully crafted and your dwarf designs so charismatic. I cannot bring myself to choose!